Honors Leadership C/O 2020

Welcome to the supplemental website for Honors Leadership! This site will contain information regarding the course, college information, community service/internships, and spaces for students to show off their accomplishments throughout the school year!

Honors Leadership Overview

Honors Leadership 19-20 Syllabus

Honors Leadership (for Startups) is a senior level course for students in the Academy for Developing Entrepreneurship. In this course we center around the following topics:

  • What is leadership?
  • How can we as young entrepreneurs apply leadership to our understanding of the startup process?
  • How can we develop as leaders in our school, community, and greater world?
  • How can we apply the skills we learn and develop to give back through service learning?

In addition, this course will also house the following topics:

  • Preparing to and applying for college.
  • Finding sourced of financial aid.
  • Preparing for life after graduation.
  • The MADE Senior/Freshman mentoring program.
  • Service learning program.
  • Community Service/Internship requirements

Leadership Matters: Anyssa Chebbi at TEDxYouth@Miami