What is the IB Diploma Programme?

Overview of the IB Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme is a two-year international education programme that prepares students in their junior and senior years for success in their future, whether it is entering the workforce or continuing their education. It is an academic challenging and balanced program of education that seeks to promote the “whole person” and develop skills for a rapidly globalizing world.

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What is the IB Diploma Program Video

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IB Diploma Programme at Churchville-Chili Senior High School

At CCSHS students have the option to pursue the full IB Diploma or take individual courses based on their interests and strengths.

We offer a variety of courses in six different subject areas. At CCSHS we believe in learner center practices and IB courses help to develop these skills in students.

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Successful completion of IB courses can translate into college credit, depending on your IB grade and college/university policies. Use the link below to see more information as a guide to some college/university policies. It is always recommended to check the transfer policies of the specific institution your are interested in attending.