Math with Mrs. Johnson

Look at What You Will Be Learning in Math This Year!!

Place Value Addition and Subtraction Multiplication Division Fractions Geometry Measurement (Finding the Area and Perimeter of a Square) Measurement of Time

Starting with place value is a great concept to teach math. Place value provides a stable foundation for early math learners. Often times when I am teaching, I will refer to the number's place and its value when trying to problem solve. Teaching to mastery and understanding is the goal!

***Learning the concepts of Measurement, Data, and Multi-Step Word Problems will be taught throughout each unit and will be revisited often. Teaching the concept within the unit allows the student to use the skill in multiple ways and allows them to transfer the concept to the real world that is surrounds them.

While memorizing multiplication facts, the use of manipulatives will provide a visual picture and hands on experience to help students understand WHY and HOW 3x5=15.