Should Lunch Be an Employee Perk?

You've likely read about companies that offer breakfast and/or lunch in the office for their employees. It seemed much of that was coming from tech companies, but the trend seems to be spreading.

More and more companies (and employees) are reporting that providing a meal at work is a positive experience for both the company and the employee. One such survey showed 60% of respondents said they would be happier at work if a meal was provided as a perk. And what about retention? 54% of those surveyed said they are more likely to stay with their company if a meal is provided.

In addition to the productivity gains, there is a social aspect to this. Breaking bread has long been a way to share with those around you and communicate on a more familiar level. As we all know, teamwork is important for companies to be successful. One way to create a culture of community and teamwork within your company could be providing a meal to your employees.

You'll find an infographic below that was published in an article on based on the EAT Club study.