3 Catering Tips for a Successful Meeting

Preparing for meetings can be stressful. Data to gather, reports to prepare and recommendations to deliver. And now you have to order breakfast or lunch on top of it all? Who needs more stress?

Decrease your catering-related stress by following these tips next time you need to order breakfast or lunch for your group!

Tip #1 - Order in advance!

We know. This isn't always possible. BUT, when it is, be sure to get your catering order placed with your preferred caterer 48 hours or more prior to your meeting. Everyone needs breakfasts and lunches delivered at the same time and driver resources are limited. the more notice you give your caterer, the more likely you are to snag your first choice of caterer and the smoother things will go.

Tip #2 - Know your guests

Do any of your meeting attendees have food allergies? Or maybe they are vegetarian or avoiding gluten? Special dietary requirements are more common than you think and should be considered when selecting your menu items. The last thing you want is for your client attending the meeting to skip the meal because there wasn't anything offered that he or she could eat.

Tip #3 - Re-confirm your order

If you follow tip #1, you'll want to re-confirm your order with the restaurant or caterer to make sure all is good the day before your scheduled catering. Be sure to review any special instructions, including dietary requests and delivery details. Mistakes happen, so re-confirming all the details will minimize issues!