Tips on Tipping

Tipping on corporate catering deliveries is a little murky compared to the customary 15-20% expected for good service dining-in at a restaurant. Below are some suggestions, but remember - how much you tip is entirely up to you.

We suggest you take delivery fees into account when determining how much you add for gratuity.

Our tips:

  • If there isn't a separate delivery fee, a minimum of 10% gratuity may be appropriate.
  • If a restaurant only charges a nominal delivery fee of $10 or less, a tip of around 7-15% is a good target.
  • For higher delivery fees ($25.00 and up), our suggested guideline would be 5-10% gratuity.
  • There are exceptions to everything! Those might include restaurant delivery services (their drivers work primarily on tips) and very large drop-off orders. If you aren't sure what's appropriate, just ask!

Your catering budget may also play a role in how much gratuity is included with your order. At the end of the day, how much you tip is completely up to you!