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Fine ARts

Welcome to the fine arts program at Carthage CSD

We are proud to offer a wide array of Fine Arts courses K-12 to elevate student creativity, enrich their academic experiences, and create a lifelong appreciation for the role of the arts in their lives.

Abstract painting

Art Programs (K-12)

  • Elementary Art (K-4)

  • 5th Grade Art

  • 2D Art (6-8)

  • 3D Art (6-8)

  • Foundations of Art (9-12)

  • Studio Draw II

  • Drawing & Painting

  • Advanced Drawing & Painting

  • Clay II

  • Advanced Clay

  • JCC EDGE: Ceramics I

Fall: 3 College Credits

  • JCC EDGE: Ceramics II

Spring: 3 College Credits

  • Independent Art & Portfolio

Sheet music

Music Programs (K-12)

  • Elementary Music (K-4)

  • 5th Grade Music

  • General Music (6-8)

  • Electronic Music (6-8)

  • Symphonic Band (5th)

  • Concert Band (6th)

  • Wind Ensemble & Marching Band (7-8)

  • Comet Chorus (6th)

  • Festival of Chorus (7-8)

  • Music Theory (I, II, JCC EDGE - college credits)

  • Theater Arts (I, Advanced, Independent Study)

  • Modern Band (9-12)

  • Concert Band & Marching Band (9-12)

  • Chorale (9-12)

  • Cometones into Chorale (9-12)

  • Camerata Select Singers (9-12)

  • Jazz Ensemble (9-12)

  • Music in Our Lives (9-12)

A closer look at our music department!

Music Department Video.mp4

Director's Corner

Fine Arts Director Image

Welcome Back!

My name is Shannon VanCoughnett and I am new to the Carthage family. I come to this role after 12 years in the classroom in a neighboring district. I continue to be amazed, and truly humbled by the opportunities that Carthage is able to offer our students in the fine arts. There is truly a place for every student, whether that be on stage, working with clay, designing sets, or producing electronic music.

The fine arts are interdisciplinary, applying the knowledge of so many other subjects such as mathematics, physics, literature, and the social sciences. They provide an avenue for students to unleash their creativity and develop a passion for the arts that will outlast their time here in school.

I look forward to supporting our art and music departments as they work with our students to strengthen and grow our programs.

Warm Regards,

Shannon VanCoughnett, Director of Fine Arts