Granted 2012, Doctor of Philosophy, Virginia Tech., Geosciences

Advisor: Dr. Michal Kowalewski

Committee: Dr. Fred Read, Dr. Ken Eriksson, Dr. Shuhai Xiao, and Dr. Lindsey R. Leighton

Granted 2007, Master of Science, San Diego State University, Geosciences

Advisor: Dr. Lindsey R. Leighton

Committee: Dr. Stephen Schellenburg, and Dr. Brian T. Hentschell



2022-present Assistant Professor of Invertebrate Paleontology - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

2021-2022 Associate Professor - Miami University of Ohio

2015-2021 Assistant Professor - Miami University of Ohio

2017-2021 Assistant Professor of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology - Miami University of Ohio

2014-2015 Visiting Assistant Professor - Colorado College

2012-2014 Post-Doctoral Associate - Florida Museum of Natural History

National Science Foundation Funding

2019-2024 - CAREER: Identifying Ecosystem Properties Promoting Stability and Resistance: Modeling Late Ordovician Paleocommunity Dynamics and Functioning across the Richmondian Invasion” (PI C.L. Tyler )

2016-2021 - "The Evolutionary Significance of Biotic Interactions: A Comparative Study utilizing Echinoid Associated Traces" (PI's C.L. Tyler and M. Kowalewski)

2016-2021 - "Mesozoic Tethyan Paleocommunity Dynamics: Modeling Complexity and Stability during Times of Biotic Escalation and Community Restructuring" (PI's P.D. Roopnarine and C.L. Tyler)

2011-2014 - "Higher-Taxon Fidelity: Comparative Taphonomy of Marine Benthic Associations in Holocene Depositional Systems of Coastal North Carolina" (PI's M. Kowalewski and C.L. Tyler)

Recent Collaborators

Roxanne Banker, UNLV

Kristina Barclay, University of Alberta

Sandy J. Carlson, University of California at Davis

Troy Dexter, Gerace Research Centre

Ashley Dineen, UC Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley

Tobias Grun, Florida Museum of Natural History

Michal Kowalewski, Florida Museum of Natural History

Lindsey R. Leighton, University of Alberta

Steven Mendonca, University of Alberta

Darrin Molinaro, University of Alberta

Liz Petsios, Baylor University

Roger Portell, Florida Museum of Natural History

Peter D. Roopnarine, California Academy of Sciences