Courses Taught

The Fossil Record GEOL301 2023-present University of Nevada

Paleontology in Conservation GLG437/537 2016-2022 Miami University

Survival on an Evolving Planet - GLG204 2015-2022 Miami University

Oceanography - GLG244 2016-2022 Miami University

Physical Geology/Intro - GY140 2014, 2015 Colorado College

Historical Geology - GY205 2015 Colorado College

Ocean Systems: Past and Future - GY250 2015 Colorado College

Earth Resources and the Environment - GY250 2015 Colorado College

Geobiology of Critical Coastal Environments (Atlantic Coastal Plain Field Course) - GEOL400 2011 Virginia Tech

Oceanography - OCE100 2008 Duke University Marine Lab

Geology Along the Appalachian Trail - GEO100 2008 Duke University

Annual Geology Department Spring Break Field Trip - San Salvador Isl. Bahamas