Everything is Designed, Few things are Designed Well!

Our success in providing quality installations has been to work directly with Architects and Designers with the perspective of an installer/contractor. Since 1974, we have been helping design professionals with specifications, samples, and installations. Call the number above to let us help you with any questions you may have regarding the use of architectural concrete. If you need information or would like to contact us directly, please send all inquiries to . It generally starts with an idea, a picture, or a visit where you saw an architectural concrete option that a client or project would benefit from. This is where we come in. We encourage you to call our office at 704-525-8585 and talk with us about your project. Several times a week we help professionals just like you to discuss concept drawings, design issues or help in the review and writing of specifications or by assisting with making color selections or samples. If you just want to stop by for coffee, it's always available. We also provide CEU's for several programs sponsored by AIA and ASLA

Sampling is something that we take as a critical function to the success of any project. Since we work with natural materials, all of our samples are made using "source" materials derived from the local supplier closest to your project. Your basis of design sample will be made in our facility using the same formulas and techniques that would be used in the actual installation. This assures you and your client of accuracy and consistency. We can supply you with a range of support materials starting with color charts, color chips, basis of design samples, product literature, project spotlights and custom specifications if required. Plan on several weeks for the creation of samples. Onsite sampling costs are determined based on conditions and availability.

We are the installer, so our knowledge of the "how" is already a given. We honor "brand name" specifications written as long as we are confident that the materials will perform to our standards. We do promote the use of "qualified contractor status" in all of the specifications we write or assist in writing. Spending your valuable time in creating a specification should not be left up to "low bid" mentality at the installation level.

We place your time and value in creating projects ahead of the smaller things we do, if you have a question, need support, or would like to discuss a project, please call our office and indicate you are a design professional - I will find time to assist you! John Fletcher