About Us

At Carolina Bomanite, we employ passionate people with families, wives and children, who give you, the customer, their best everyday. The concrete business is a difficult profession - we deal with suppliers, weather, site conditions and natural products that constantly keep us on our toes and are ever-changing. I can't say enough about what our employees bring to each project. We employ people with varied skill sets for a reason - we do the extraordinary, not the ordinary. For this reason, I appreciate all of our employees equally. We don't employ superstars - we employ people that come together to perform collectively. "You can teach skills, but you can't teach passion"

You have choices in who you hire to perform your work, we understand that, but we would appreciate it if you gave us a try. You will come to know our people by name, you will experience their passion for concrete. Their families will appreciate it, because to them this isn't just a job - this is their passion!

And by the way, My wife and I own the Company. We purchased it from the original owners in 2011 after I spent several years learning the business, one customer at a time. Passion, it's in our culture, and has been since 1974. If you are interested in joining our company and feel like you have what it takes - please email your information to jobs@carolinabomanite.com

Thanks for your business, John and Donna Fletcher