We install many types and styles of concrete finishes. From traditional exposed aggregate to swirl or SandX exposed aggregate finishes, we have the expertise and skilled craftsman to provide you with almost anything you can imagine in concrete. We could fill our website with a lot of technical jargon, but what we'd rather do is provide you with an educational experience based on your specific needs. We want you to stop by our showroom no matter the size of your project. Give us a call and see the difference that an experienced company can bring to your next concrete project. Bring your drawings, pictures, idea book or just your imagination. We'll provide the coffee!

BOMANITE - The original cast-in-place, colored and imprinted architectural concrete paving. This product provides an imprinted pattern that has a smooth surface between the joint lines. The imprinting tools produce patterns in the surface of the concrete much the same way as a cookie cutter cuts patterns in cookie dough. Simulates most smooth tiles, new brick and certain stone materials. Bomanite tooling is the original stamping system created in California by Bradshaw Bowman around 1970. The name "Bomanite" has become synonymous with the process of creating and installing decorative concrete.

BOMACRON - A textured version of the original, this product is also cast-in-place, colored and imprinted, but provides the added dimension of texture and relief between the joint lines. Simulates a wide variety of natural materials including slate, granite, limestone, sandstone, wood and cobblestone. Used in conjunction with multiple coloration techniques you can create that "hand laid" feel in a true structural cast-in-place system. The Bomacron process is structural, cast in place concrete and can be enhanced by grouting the pattern lines, multi-coloring, or incorporating the Patene Artectura coloring technique to produce a unique finished look.

PATENE ARTECTURA - Is a unique coloration system applied topically, turns concrete into your "canvas" for creating an unlimited range of artistic statements. Patene Artectura achieves design options that create one-of-a-kind floors that are durable and easy to maintain. Patene Artectura and Micro-Top is a system of specialized coloring and application techniques that lets you enhance ordinary concrete projects with a world of creative effects. Whether your next project is a quiet residential entry, a commercial plaza, or a high traffic restaurant floor, with Patene Artectura coloration systems, you get an unlimited range of options to fit any budget, any design criteria.

GRASSCRETE - is commonly known as Void Structured Concrete. The pervious nature of the product is not reliant upon a mix design but rather a mechanical system to incorporate the voids in a highly defined and regular manner. Grasscrete® is an environmentally friendly solution for your emergency vehicle access, water management and traffic applications. Grasscrete provides the availability of using single-use formers to create a monolithic reinforced ready mixed concrete pour that forms a pervious pavement structure with voids that are opened after the concrete hardens that can be utilized as an exposed application with crushed stone or concrete or utilized as a concealed system with vegetation such as grass or native ground cover. Grasscrete offers the ability to provide year-round access for a variety of applications requiring structural paving surfaces without compromising the aesthetics of the exterior landscaping. Grasscrete is a very sustainable product that can employ a large recycled material content both in the form of aggregate and binder such as fly ash or slag—its lifespan is indefinite and can be recycled itself to form the aggregates for future Grasscrete applications; providing a truly sustainable, eco-friendly system to accommodate a variety of needs. The selection of Grasscrete is one of the easiest ways to achieve LEED® points due to the reduction in heat island effect, management of storm water runoff, recycled content used in the application process as well as the concrete and sub-base, the long lifespan and the low maintenance required.

SANDX - Is a family of exposed finishes by Carolina Bomanite designed for outdoor applications as an alternative to conventional concrete finishes. SandX, XPS and XEM Finishes utilize specialized concrete mix designs, additives, integral coloring, topical treatments, specialty aggregates along with advanced application procedures. The finished product resembles a lightly etched or slightly “worn” surfaces or individual unique works of concrete art. This pleasant appearance enhances the character of the specialized finer aggregates and color used in this process. The final product is a monolithic structural slab with a low life cycle cost due to the natural state of the surface. Applications include plazas, building entrances, schools, exterior walkways – anywhere improved wear resistance for light- to moderate-duty vehicular or foot traffic is necessary. This surface is available in a multitude of standard and custom options.

Multiple Sandx samples