Concert Band

The Concert Band is open to students with one or more years of experience. Often these are graduates of Beginning Band as well as students continuing to work on mastering basic skills on their instruments. Selection to this group is made at the end of the previous year through a strict teacher selection process. Instruction on woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments emphasizes development of advanced performance techniques, scales, rhythms, notation, terminology, stylistic interpretation and historical significance. This group is open to all grade levels. Attendance at rehearsals and performances is required.

Don't forget to turn in your Concert Band Member Agreement Form!

In Concert Band students may also explore the world of Solo and Ensemble music where students not only increase their musical abilities and confidence level, but they really have fun and thrive while working on music that really becomes “their own”.

The group will attend at least one festival. After we perform at these festivals we often enjoy a fun activity as a reward such as visiting KNOTTS BERRY FARM or our biennial trip to SAN FRANCISCO.

The students are expected to “pass off” their music to gain the privilege of attending any concert or festival. Students are graded on their effort and ability as recorded in their homework assignments on SMART MUSIC.