Formosa - Tejano Wetlands Education Center

The Formosa -Tejano Wetlands Education Center is a place where teachers can bring students to conduct the hands on investigations that are required by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The 5th-9th grade TEKS gave been correlated with the Wetland Curriculum to ensure trips to the Wetland are for educational purposes.

The site is located 2 miles south of the city of La Ward, Texas on both sides of Highway 172. The classroom facility is located on the west side of State Hwy 172, and is situated next to a 100 acre reservoir which was originally used to irrigate rice crops. Rice is no longer farmed but the reservoir remains for storing additional water needed for the wetlands.

A fifteen hundred square foot building serves as the base of operations and contains two restrooms and has AC/Heat to be used during inclement weather. Activities that are offered range from 5th grade through 8th grade science, as well as high school Biology, Chemistry, Aquatic Science, and Environmental Science.

The Wetlands Education Center provides a variety of ecosystems that are rich in diversity and concentration of species. Lessons available at the Wetlands that correlate with the TEKS include but are not limited to:

  • Scientific Method

  • Water Chemistry

  • Habitats and Niches

  • Cycles

  • Microbiology /Macrobiology

  • Zoology

  • Animal Tracks and Signs

  • Entomology

  • Ornithology

  • Botany


-Photos captured by Dr. Bill Harvey

why are wetlands important?

Wetlands provide important functions and values to society. Students, wildlife, birders and education are benefiting from the 245-acre Formosa-Tejano Wetlands site. The site serves as a habitat for waterfowl; stop over and permanent habitats for migratory and non-migratory bird species; and year round habitat for wading birds, amphibians, reptiles, and other wetland plant and animal species.

-Photo captured by Dr. Bill Harvey


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