Curriculum Overview Map

Science is an integral aspect of everyday life; from the way our bodies function, how we interact with our environment and how we capitalise on the Earth’s rich and varied resources. Without an appreciation of science it would be difficult to understand the world around us. Technology and medical science is ever evolving and the role of science and scientists is pivotal in enabling this progression to happen at pace. Scientists are curious and have inquiring minds, they question, challenge and investigate. Learning about science and working scientifically fosters life skills; students learn how to plan, how to organise, how to work collaboratively, they learn how to analyse and evaluate information. Science provides knowledge and understanding that students can begin to apply to new and unknown contexts.

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Reading around science

There are lots of science related themes you could be reading about to extend your knowledge - not just revision guides and text books. Check out this link for some great suggested science-themed books!

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