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How BMC Is Different From a Traditional High School

  • Small Classes -Enrollment is limited so our classes are smaller than those at traditional high schools. This allows our teachers to know and support students individually.

  • First Two Years of College Tuition-Free - Students typically take only one high school course per semester and are enrolled in a variety of college courses that are tuition-free. Students only pay for textbooks, course codes (if required by the instructor), and BMC and college activity fees of $30 to $72 per semester.

  • Flexible Schedules - Because our high school courses also follow a college schedule, students have more autonomy to participate in internships, shadow in careers of interest, participate in study groups, and complete course work on a flexible schedule that meets their needs.

Join One of Our Four New Academies!

We are excited to offer four different Academies that will provide students with support, guidance, and camaraderie while they complete degree and certificate programs!

Academies & Cohorts

Students will work in groups, called cohorts, within each Academy to complete the degree or certificate requirements. Student schedules will be designed to promote student success, provide guidance through seminars and academic guidance sessions, and engage in volunteer opportunities related to the field of study.


    • The degrees and certificates in the Business, Industrial, and Health Care Academies are designed for students to complete while at WPCC to be prepared to enter the workforce.

    • College transfer degrees in the University Academy are designed for students who plan to transfer to a 4-year university to continue their education.

You may view a sample Cohort schedule by clicking on the link below:

BMC Teacher Preparation Cohort

Copy of Burke Middle College 1.mp4

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Business Administration

  • Information Technology

  • Office Administration

    • Medical Assisting

    • Pre-Nursing

    • Computer Integrated Machining

    • Construction and Excavation Trades (Coming Soon)

    • Mechatronics Engineering Technology

    • Associate in Arts or Science

    • Engineering

    • Teacher Preparation


  1. What is the difference between Burke Middle College and Career and College Promise (CCP)?

Burke Middle College:

  • Tuition-free classes

  • Complete 11th & 12th grade high school classes on WPCC's campus

  • Graduate high school from Burke Middle College

  • BMC is a NC Cooperative Innovative High School (CIHS), which gives BMC students greater flexibility in program and class options

  • Students are responsible for paying college fees ($35-75)

  • Able to rent many textbooks from school

Career & College Promise:

  • Tuition-free classes

  • Complete 11th & 12th grade grade classes at respective high school

  • Graduate from their respective high school

  • Student must complete their selected pathway(s) before taking additional courses.

  • Don't pay college fees.

  • Must purchase their own textbooks (are able to rent from CCP Coach: ENG 232, ENG 242, and HIS 132).

  1. How does the transfer process work if I graduate with college credits or an associate degree? Do all colleges accept all of my credits?

Not all programs of study at WPCC are “College Transfer” programs. Many are designed for students to complete at WPCC and then enter the workforces directly. Courses in these programs will NOT typically transfer to 4-year universities. However, WPCC offers several college transfer degrees that are designed to seamlessly transfer to all public NC universities. All classes that are taken as part of these degrees will transfer toward the completion of a bachelor degree. Students who complete the entire college transfer associate degree will receive two years credit at their 4 year public university and fulfill their general education requirements for a bachelor's degree. For more information, you may visit the NC Comprehensive Articulation Agreement. Transferability to private or out-of-state universities is not guaranteed. To determine how/if WPCC classes will transfer to these institutions, students should contact each institution directly. To view a list of private NC institutions that guarantee transfer credit for articulated NC community college coursework please click here.

  1. Are BMC students allowed to be enrolled in the Burke Virtual Academy?

BMC students are allowed to take high school classes through the Virtual Academy. It is highly encouraged for students to participate face-to-face in high school classes when possible so that they can receive the support, guidance, and direction they need to become acclimated to the college atmosphere and expectations.

  1. What does it take to get in to BMC?

Students must meet all of the criteria listed in the Admissions Requirements section above.

  1. What qualities are you looking for in BMC applicants?

Students must be mature and responsible to succeed in the middle college climate. Since middle college students have much more flexibility in their schedules, students that are organized and disciplined are typically more successful in this environment. Reviewing the three documents linked under Expectations will give you a better idea of what is expected of our students.

  1. I'm taking some of the course prerequisites during spring semester. Will that affect my eligibility at BMC?

It will not affect your eligibility. As long as you are scheduled to take or enrolled in the courses and will complete them before fall semester of your junior year, you will be eligible for admission.

  1. When will I know if I have been accepted at BMC?

Admission letters will be sent to your BCPS email on May 1, 2021. Student who receive admission invitations must accept or decline them by May 16th, 2021.

  1. Are veterinary medicine courses available at BMC/WPCC?

BMC teaches the following high school courses: English III, English IV, American History II, Civics and Economics, Math 3, Math IV, and Chemistry. WPCC does not offer veterinary medicine courses, but offers a variety of foundational courses that will be beneficial to someone planning to pursue a veterinary medicine degree or field. You can explore the courses offered by visiting the WPCC Course Catalog.

  1. Is there bus transportation to BMC?

BCPS does NOT offer busing to the WPCC campus. However, Greenway Public Transportation does have several routes that make stops at WPCC. Click the link to view the routes.

  1. How do college classes and high school classes work? What does a typical schedule look like?

High school classes follow a similar schedule to college classes. Classes meet either on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. All high school classes have a REQUIRED 45 minute seminar session on Friday. College classes typically meet on Monday and Wednesday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or Tuesday and Thursday. A few college classes meet daily. You can learn more about college classes and scheduling by visiting the WPCC Course Catalog. Our career counselors and school counselor assist each student in creating a manageable class schedule each semester. Sample SEATED schedule Sample REMOTE schedule

  1. Does BMC offer lunch?

Yes! Students must sign up each day they wish to have lunch in the front office before 9 am. Lunches are delivered at 11:30 and are available until 1 pm. We receive our lunches from Freedom HS, and are only given the ordered amount, so please make sure your student signs up. We also highly encourage all students to complete the Free/Reduced Lunch Forms every year to see if they qualify.