Weekly Update

This page will be updated every Tuesday to let you know

what is happening in your student's core classes.

October 15 - 17

  • Hayden - Social Studies: Students are working on a mind map of what they have learned in social studies to share with parents at student led conferences. Students also mapped the Punic Wars and are starting to explore the Fall of Rome.

October 8-12:

  • Janssen English/Language Arts: I am changing the due date of the figurative language essay to Tuesday, October 16. I felt students needed more direct instruction about writing expository essays and I wanted to give them more time to work in class and give direct feedback.
  • Hayden - Social Studies: Students are exploring how the Roman government was organized. They are learning about the Roman Republic and the Twelve Tables. Students are comparing and contrasting similarities and differences between Rome's government and our government structure. In addition, students are learning about the Punic Wars and will be mapping the expansion of Rome by the end of the week.
  • Babcock - Accentuate the Negative: The students took a quiz on Tuesday adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. They will then move onto multiplication and division of positive and negative numbers before working on order of operations.
  • Babcock - Moving Straight Ahead: Students are learning how to identify linear relationships in tables, graphs and equations.

October 1-5:

  • Hayden - Social Studies: Students are learning about the settling of Rome and the Roman conquest of Italy. We will also start learning about the structure of the Roman government. Students will record a short Flipgrid video about their new knowledge. Have them show you their video!
  • Janssen English/Language Arts: Students are reading an excerpt from the book, Lizzy Bright and the Buckminster Boy, by Gary Schmidt. They will be analyzing the figurative language found in the story and completing a written response which will be due Wednesday, October 10. Any work not completed in class will be homework.
  • Babcock - Accentuate the Negative: Students are learning algorithms (rules) to add and subtract positive and negative numbers. Students will have some printouts given to them in class and they will also be sent to their e-mail. They will have a quiz on Friday.
  • Babcock - Comparing & Scaling: Students are learning how to solve story problems using a variety of strategies. They will take their second quiz on Tuesday and spend the rest of the week reviewing for their unit test on Friday.

September 24-28:

  • SCIENCE - Holland: This week in science; Monday, we finished our investigation on Structures of Embryos, next, we spent Tuesday and Wednesday Reflecting on what students have learned about cells so far. Students had observations to make, reading material to read and discuss and written response questions. Thursday and Friday we will begin our section on cell organelles, asking the question, "What Cell Structures Does a Cell Need to Survive?" We will begin by see what organelles students are already familiar with and apply the knowledge to written response questions and cell diagrams. If your student is absent he or she will have to come in to make up the work they have missed. There has been no homework assigned for this week.
  • Babcock - Shapes & Designs: The students are preparing for a unit test on Wednesday. They will work Monday and Tuesday during class to review the main concepts. On Tuesday, they should look over their doodle notes and their quizzes to study for the test.
  • Babcock - Comparing & Scaling: Student are going to use ratios, percents and proportions to solve story problems. They are welcome to take notes during class so that they have a worked sample to take home to reference when they are working on their homework. Next, they will be using rate tables to solve story problems and will learn how to create equations out of unit rates.
  • Janssen: English/Language Arts: This week we will be exploring figurative language.

  • Hayden: Social Studies: This week we will continue to explore the 5 themes of geography through the lens of Ancient Rome. We will also brainstorm what we know and what we wonder about Rome. Next, we will dive into learning about The Rise of Rome. With this topic, we will practice note taking and how to effectively use a textbook. On Friday, we will take time to celebrate National Indian Heritage Day as well as learn about our monthly current events. Current events discussions will occur monthly. Students will be asked to present and discuss their first current event on Friday, October 5th.

September 17-21

Janssen English/Language Arts: Due to a mishap at the print shop, (it turns out you have to have every page of a short story, not every other page), we are reading, annotating, and discussing the short story "Thirteen and a Half" this week. Students will be completing an assignment in class due Tuesday, September 25. If they do not finish in class, they will need to finish it as homework.

*Please note: I will be absent Friday and Monday. We are leaving after school on Thursday to take my son to college. Because of this, I will be missing Parent Night. I am sorry to miss meeting with you. If you have concerns or questions regarding English/Language Arts, please email me. holly.janssen@bsd7.org

Hayden - Social Studies: On Monday, we celebrated Constitution Day and wrapped up the Reading Like a Historian assessment. For the remainder of the week, students will work on World Geography. First, they will work on their mapping skills, and then they will explore the 5 themes of geography (location, place, human-environment interaction, movement and region).

Babcock - Shapes & Designs: This week students are learning if given angles and side lengths can create triangles. They will have a short quiz and then begin to prepare for their unit test. Encourage them to use their quizzes as a study tool.

Babcock - Comparing & Scaling: This week students will learn how to use proportions to solve story problems. Scale factors used in solving proportions will connect the stretching of geometric shapes to scaling up and down proportions. Students will have their first quiz on this content next week.

September 10-14:

  • Hayden - Social Studies: This week students will continue practicing their skills of reading like a historian. Students will source, contextualize, corroborate and close read documents about 9/11/01. In addition, students will practice their mapping skills and use Google Maps and Google Earth to draw a map of Bozeman. On Friday, students will be assessed on their reading like a historian skills.
  • Holland (Science): On Monday, students completed last Friday's lab and began a new lab called "Observing Different Organisms", students looked at prepared slides of both single celled and multi-celled organisms, made and recorded observations and responded to questions. Tuesday, a second lab was introduced "Plant Versus Animals", again, students were practicing using the microscope, recording observations and answering questions. We will begin our study of cells on Friday. There is no homework this week, I have asked students that have been absent to make up work that they are behind on during lunch,
  • Babcock (Accentuate the Negative): Students will take an assessment to wrap up their review of positive and negative numbers. Next they will move into ratios and proportions.
  • Babcock (Shapes & Designs): Students will be assessed on complementary and supplementary angles on Tuesday. They will then learn about vertical angles and be assessed on them on Friday.
  • Janssen ELA: Students created a slide show in Google Classroom, introducing themselves to their classmates and me. If possible, have them log in and show you their show. Students will take the Fall Star Reading Benchmark assessment on Tuesday. We will begin reading, discussing, and writing about the short story "Thirteen and a Half." Students should be brining home a book of their choice and reading for 30 minutes for their nightly homework.

September 4-7:

  • Science: This years disclosure document should be coming home on Wednesday and returned to class by Friday, 9/7, with a parent or guardian signature. This week in science I will be working with students to find out what they already know about cells, body systems and how body systems get their energy. We will learn how to use a compound light microscope, practice using the microscopes and recording their observations. There is no homework this week other then returning the disclosure document by 9/7.

  • Math (Accentuate the Negative): The students will be review positive and negative numbers this week. They will use a variety of strategies to add, subtract, multiply and divide positive and negative numbers. They will have a short assessment at the end of the week to review their skills.
  • Math (Shapes & Designs): Students will be learning about angles this week. They will learn to estimate angles using benchmark angles. They will use angle rulers to measure angles and by the end of the week, they will be identifying complementary and supplementary angles and writing equations to find unknown angles.
  • Health Enhancement: We looked at some running videos and will begin running as part of our warm-ups. We will play ultimate Frisbee and cricket(ish). We are planning on rotating from games into a possible yoga class and perhaps an archery unit. I will keep you posted as things change.
  • English/Language Arts: Students will be using Google Classroom for most written work this year. They will be completing an "All About Me" assignment in class this week. Students need to bring a book everyday and read it at home for at least 30 minutes as homework. Thank you for your support. Please ask your student for the ELA disclosure document. Please sign and return the document as soon as possible.
  • Social Studies: We are working on brushing up on our historian tool box this week. First, we will finish up the artifact activity where students are practicing the following History Habit of Mind, “Interrogate artifacts and pose questions about the past that foster informed discussion, reasoned debate and evidence-based interpretation.” Next, we will explore how to recognize primary and secondary documents as well as practice close reading, contextualizing and corroborating evidence. Students need to return their Social Studies disclosure document by Friday.

August 27-31

Math - This week all students are reviewing fractions. They are starting off by defining the parts and different kind of fraction forms. They will be learning/reviewing how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions and a short quiz will be given on Friday to assess their understanding of fractions.

Social Studies: The first week is already off to a great start! We have spent the first 2 days appreciating world architecture and collaborating on different STEM designs. Next, we will begin to add to our historian toolbox and practice thinking like a historian with a few hands-on activities. We are also spending time getting to know each other and learning the class procedures and expectations. We will be using Google Classroom as a platform for distributing and turning in assignments. This is a good place to check and see what we are working on in social studies. I am looking forward to a fun year with your child. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Kelly Hayden email: kelly.hayden@bsd7.org

English/Language Arts: This week was spent getting to know one another. I presented a Prezi about myself and students learned my expectations and classroom procedures. Students should have a notebook only for ELA which will be kept in the classroom. A composition or spiral-bound notebook works well. Students will be expected to bring a book to class everyday. We will visit the library on Friday. Their homework, each and every night, will be to read for, at least, twenty minutes. Holly Janssen: holly.janssen@bsd7.org

Science: This week in science we are getting to know each other and classroom procedures. On Tuesday we set-up our science journals and put in our first journal entry. Students are bringing home a Lab Safety Contract to go over with you and get your signature. This contract is due back on Wednesday, the 29th. We will practice communication skills, making observations, drawing scientific illustrations and begin learning how to use a compound microscope. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at carrie.holland@bsd7.org. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with your student and am looking forward to a great year!