Tune Ups

Get your bike running its best! we pride ourselves on quick turnaround (ususally less than 48 hours). Not sure if your bike needs a Tune Up? All bicycles are assesed when you drop them off, and you will recieve a free estimte of any necessary work before you leave. It is our goal to make maintaining your bicycle as simple and transparent as possible. In fact, feel free to schedule a time to watch and learn about your bicycle as we complete the Tune Up!

Basic Tune Up - $75

Deluxe Tune Up - $100

Our basic tune up is actually not so basic. We start by completely cleaning and inspecting the bicycle frame and wheels for any sign of fatigue. With both wheels off the bike for cleaning we tru them for side-to-side play as well as for round. We take special care to remove any brake debris from the rim surface as well as adjust the hub bearings to run as smoothly as possible. The brakes and shifting systems are adjusted to work flawlessly and the chain as well as all pivots are lubricated. All other bearing surfaces are inspected and adjusted as needed. Once complete, your bike will be spinning along effortlessly.

The Deluxe Tune Up includes all the services included in the Basic Tune Up but adds a complete drivetrain clean and hydraulic brake bleeds. To start, we remove the chain, cassette and chainrings from the bike, degrease them down to bare metal in an ultrasonic bath. Once reinstalled, the chain is lubricated properly. Brake bleeds are done to ensure your hydraulic systems are working up to their full potential.

Service Policy - $85

Common repairs and Adjustments

As a courtesy to our customers, we offer the option of a service policy with any new bike purchase. This policy offers you unlimited tune ups for your bicycle for five years. As a service policy holder you can bring your bicycle in monthly, weekly, or even daily and be comfortable knowing that the service performed will be covered. Additionally, the Service Policy covers the labor and inner tubes for all flat tires for five years. Unlike other offers of "free adjustments" this is a complete service package to keep your bicycle running smoothly for years to come.

Flat Repair - $10 + inner tube

Derailleur Adjustment - $16

Brake Adjustment - $16

Touch Up Wheel Tru - $15 (side to side play)

Standard Wheel Tru - $17.50 (side to side/up and down play)

Spoke Replacement - $25 + spoke