About Us

I am a lifelong cyclist and consummate tinkerer. It was in sixth grade when the bike bug bit and that particular fever hasn't subsided since. I vividly remember standing in right field, baseball glove in hand, and thinking about the amazing time I had the previous day on my first mountain bike ride ever. In that dried outfield I knew all I wanted to do was go ride my bike. Now, over thirty years later that feeling hasn't gone away. Through the past thirty years I have worked at every level in the bike industry. I started, like most, sweeping floors and learning anything I could. Over the years I graduated to service manager and store manager positions and even spent extensive time designing and sourcing bicycles and parts for some of the largest bike companies in the world. All the while my focus has been on helping as many people as possible love riding a bike. In that pursuit I teach classes (both scheduled and impromptu) on all things bike. I also believe in helping each and every rider attain their optimal fit on the bike of their dreams. Please feel free to stop in any time and talk bikes, fit, parts, or just share your latest ride.

Thank you

John Brown