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Jesuit Traditions & Parent Partnerships

The Jesuit model of education is one that has always pushed its students to the frontiers, both the literal frontiers of society and also the frontiers of learning and knowledge. In this tradition, Brophy College Preparatory views technology not as an evil to be avoided or a distraction to be controlled, but as an evolving method of communication — a mechanism for acquiring knowledge and a powerful instrument to enhance creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

Simply stated, the mission of technology at Brophy is to extend, enrich, and illuminate learning. Students use their devices on a daily basis to do things in a classroom and beyond that wouldn't otherwise be possible. In order to best prepare students for the future beyond high school, we must teach them to become proficient in how to use technology responsibly so that it continues to be a powerful tool rather than a powerful distraction.

To that end — and as in all areas of academics — a partnership with parents and families is vital when it comes to responsible use of technology. This site is a collection of resources for parents and counselors as we teach students to explore, create, and respond to the world around them with technology. Use the resources, tips, and suggestions that best fit your context, needs, and concerns.

Please contact Assistant Principal for Technology Mr. Mica Mulloy with any questions about Brophy's technology program.

Resources for Parents & Counselors