Welcome to Grade 8 math

Course Expectations & Guidelines

Classroom Decorum & Behavioral Guidelines

Proper behavior in the classroom is the norm, not the exception. There are 5 basic Guidelines:

    • Do not do anything that will disrupt instruction in any way.

    • Do not leave your seat without permission.

    • Raise your hand if you wish to ask a question make a comment or raise a concern.

    • Be respectful of your peers, faculty, and the physical environment of the classroom.

    • Keep your hands to yourselves at all time

Expanded Guidelines

  1. Conduct yourself with appropriate classroom decorum at all times. (Decorum means: dignity or correctness that is socially expected.)

  2. Be on time to class! You are considered late if you are not in your seat or logged on to your computer when class starts.

  3. You cannot go to your locker once class has started. Plan ahead.

  4. Stay on task! When working in groups, your conversation should only pertain to the assignment not social commentary.

  5. You should be well behaved when visitors or substitute teachers are in the room. Substitutes are required to leave me very detailed notes regarding the day's activities, especially concerning student behaviors. You do not want your name on 'the report'.

  6. Please keep the tables neat and push the chairs in when you leave.

  7. If you must use the bathroom facilities, please ask before we begin class.

  8. Dismissal is by instructor only. Never stand in the door in anticipation of the class ending.

  9. No backpacks or jackets are allowed to be brought into the classroom.

  10. Water bottles are allowed, but should never be a distraction to others. Take drinks quietly and if your bottle is metal, place it where it will not be knocked over and make a loud noise.

  11. No gum in the classroom.

  12. Your electronic devices must be left in your locker.

  13. When using classroom supplies, put everything back where it belongs when finished.

No whining, no excuses. All students are expected to give their best effort.

Grading Expectations

Participation (20%)

It is expected that students actively participate in the Wednesday Zoom class.

Grading Scale: 0 to 2

  • 0 - Did not show up

  • 1 - Does not respond to questions or direct address

  • 2 - Participates actively

Daily Classwork (45%)

Students will be assessed on assignments given in class Monday thru Friday.

Points vary by assignment.

Assessments (35%)

Formative assessments include quizzes and small projects.

Summative assessments include tests and large projects.