Welcome to Grade 8 math

Course Expectations & Guidelines

General Expectations and Goals for the Classroom


    • Do your best

    • Use appropriate communication

    • Remain on task


    • Be on time

    • Be prepared (Have your math binder and a pencil)

    • Be ready to learn

    • Follow adult directions and instructions


    • Be kind and respectful to all

    • Keep hands and feet to self

    • Keep room neat and clean


Grading Expectations

Participation (20%)

Every student will need to provide their own dedicated 3-ring binder. The binders will contain all essential notes taken in class as well as material provided by the teacher. The math binder will be checked periodically by the teacher for completeness.

Homework (5%)

Students will have a weekly basic skills practice sheet (Pink Paper) with approximately 50 questions assigned on a Monday and due the following Monday. Students are expected to complete one section a night, with each section having approximately 10 questions.

Additionally, students will be assigned independent practice problems as homework that are designed to reinforce lessons objectives.

Classwork (40%)

Students will be assessed on assignments given in class Monday thru Friday.

Points vary by assignment.

Assessments (35%)

Formative assessments include quizzes and small projects.

Summative assessments include tests and large projects.