What reading assessments will my child be given?


The PAST evaluates 14 aspects of Phonological Awareness development including concept of word, rhyme, understanding syllables, and understanding of phonemes. These skills are typically mastered between preschool and second grade.

CORE Phonics Survey

The CORE Phonics Survey assesses the phonics skills that are useful in beginning reading. In the first few sections, students are asked to identify letters and their corresponding sounds. When appropriate, students are then asked to read lists of words and pseudowords. This assess the student’s decoding skills and understanding of particular phonics rules.

Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment

Your child will be asked to read a short book while the teacher records various reading behaviors observed. This information will be used to determine appropriately leveled text for your child to read as well as assist the teacher in planning for instruction.

Acadience Reading

Acadience consists of several short, timed probes designed to monitor the development of early reading skills. The probes we administer at Center School are:

First Sound Fluency (K)-Assesses your child’s ability to isolate the beginning sound in a word.

Letter Name Fluency (K & 1)-Your child is shown a page of random letters and asked to name them.

Phoneme Segmentation Fluency (K)-Your child is asked to say each sound they hear in a spoken word.

Nonsense Word Fluency (K & 1)-Your child is asked to read 2 and 3 letter “nonsense words.” They are given credit for each sound they read correctly and additional credit for each word they read without saying individual sounds.

Oral Reading Fluency (1)-Your child will read three age/grade appropriate reading passages. The teacher will record the words read correctly and calculate an accuracy rate.

Sight Word Inventory

Periodically your child will be asked to read a set list of words to help determine which high frequency words your child recognizes automatically.