Relationships & Health Education

From September 2020, it will become compulsory for all primary aged children to be taught Relationships and Health Education.

Relationships and Health Education is designed to equip your child to make informed decisions about their wellbeing, health and relationships as well as preparing them for successful adult life. Changes to this part of the curriculum bring the content into the 21st century, so that it is relevant for your child. As a school we will have the flexibility to deliver the content in a way that is age and developmentally appropriate and sensitive to the needs and religious background of our pupils.

You cannot withdraw your child from Relationships Education from September 2020 because it is important that all children receive this content. However, parents can write to the Head of School to request whether they would like their child to be withdrawn from some or all of the Sex Education teaching (The science curriculum also includes content on human development, including reproduction, which there is no right to withdraw from).

Our Relationships and Health Education Policy and curriculum content is available to view here I would invite parents to look at these documents and express any opinions you have about the content and delivery of Relationships and Health Education to the Head of School, via email or written letter.