BCDP CEC and General meeting

Time and date: 6:00 p.m.
Monday, June 21, 2021

Join Zoom meeting details to be announced

(photo, Mikael Kristenson, Unsplash)

BCDP HQ is open in all its renovation glory

For security and the increase in the local Covid numbers, the party office closed in January. During that time BCDP has renovated the space with a new coat of paint and the installation of new carpet. The reno team also purged unneeded materials and tidied up considerably.

A second more in depth purge is being underway.

The party moved in this location in 2004. Over time, furniture has been purchased and donated. Some of it is just looking a little worse for wear, meriting the purchase of at least one desk and some other office necessities.

Several have generously offered to donate to that purchase. Please make your donation to by check and mail to the Brazos County Democratic Party, PO Box 3232, Bryan, TX 77805-3232 or through our ActBlue account.

Once folks are feeling comfortable with socializing in a group, BCDP will plan a Grand Reopening event.

It feels really great to have a nice place where like-mind Dems can work toward Turning Brazos County Blue!

Thanks for your support!

Wanda Watson, BCDP Chair


Brazos County Leans Left

Brazos Dems Urged to Join others from Across the State Sunday in Austin for Voting Rights Rally, Sun., June 20

• New!

Bus chartered for Austin Rally

BCDP county chair Wanda Watson has chartered a 55-person bus to the Texas Capitol in Austin for the Powered by the People voting rights rally: $40 per person round-trip. Load up at 2:30 p.m.

Reserve a seat on the bus.

Wanda Watson, chair of Brazos County Democratic Party, urges Brazos County Democrats and like-minded others to join in this show of support of the most fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution.

Beto O’Rourke is spearheading a rally calling attention to voter-suppression efforts in the Texas legislature. Beto is calling for Democrats from across the state to join together on the south steps of the Texas Capitol, 1100 Congress Avenue, in Austin, 5:30 p.m., Sunday, June 20, to show unity against this onerous and dangerous legislative direction.

Join voting rights demonstration in Austin

Legislation such as SB7 and HB6 could send our country’s hard-fought right to vote back to the Jim Crow era.

Thanks to the Texas House Democrats who stopped SB7 in the regular session, we have a chance to stop voter suppression and save our democracy.

If enough of us come together in Austin on June 20, we might be able to stop bills like SB7 in the upcoming special session of the Texas legislature that threaten to keep millions of Texans from being able to vote in the next election.

Beto O’Rourke said, “I’m confident that if we show up in numbers, it will push President Biden and the U.S. Senate to move on voting rights by passing the For the People Act.

“I know that driving to Austin is asking a lot of you. And I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t this important. I’ve been driving a lot too lately — holding voting rights town halls and rallies all over the state, from Midland to Dallas, and from Houston to Texarkana. We can do this.

“If we all do all we can at this moment we can save our democracy before it’s too late. But we’ve got to act. I’m depending on you, and hope that you can come through for us and our country.

“I’m looking forward to seeing you.”

Voting suppression bills introduced in the Texas legislature

Facebook group censorship policy
from party chair Wanda Watson

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