Living Systems

Investigation 1: Systems

What is this system?

What are the objects that make up this system?

What is the evidence (change) that proves these objects are interacting?

What are some subsystems of this system?

Investigation 2: Nutrient Systems

Watch the "Schoolhouse Rock" video The Body Machine. (Digestive System)

Painted Lady Butterfly Life Cycle

Investigation 3: Transport Systems

Watch the "Schoolhouse Rock" video Do the Circulation. (Circulatory System)

Investigation 4: Sensory Systems


Watch the "Schoolhouse Rock" video Them Not so Dry Bones. (Skeletal System)

Watch the "Schoolhouse Rock" video Telegraph Line. (Nervous System)

Watch "The Magic Schoolbus Gets Eaten" to find out about Food Chains.

They talk about tuna in this video. Here's a video so you can see the size of a tuna:

Related Topic to Food Chains: Dissecting an Owl Pellet