"Writing is walking into an adventure! It's like walking down the yellow brick road, wondering what will happen next."

-Mrs. Pardington

Personal Narrative

Step 1: Planning your Story (Personal Narrative)

Use this grid and this table to brainstorm a list of topics that you could possibly use for your personal narrative.

Things I Can Write About.xls
Strategies for Generating Ideas.doc

Planning CONFLICT: Good stories have a plot with at least one kind of conflict. Possible conflicts include:

  • character vs. character;
  • character vs. society;
  • character vs. nature;
  • character vs. self;
  • character vs. machine*


What kind of conflict do you observe in these short clips? (Entitled Trouble in Paradise and Fireflies-commercial for De Lijn)

Step 2: Writing a Lead

Types of Leads
Leads (to “hook” the reader)
Our Collection of Leads

Step 3: Drafting

Anchor charts for PERSONAL NARRATIVE.doc
Personal Narrative Example
Personal Narrative Graphic Organizer.doc

Step 4: Typing

Step 5: Revising

Step 6: Editing/Proofreading

Step 7: Conferencing (Repeat Steps 5-7 as needed)

Step 8: Publishing

Follow the steps in this website to make a book: http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/stapleless/

Step 9: Share! :)

Examples of Stories:

Persuasive Paragraph