Boswells Revision Centre

Welcome to the Boswells Revision Centre.

Important: You will need to use your school email address and password to access any files or videos on this website.

This website is designed to give you key revision strategies, links to key websites, online platforms and other revision tips and advice.

There is information for each subject, where you can find key strategies and resources to support your revision. You will find:

1) links to physical revision guides (condense)

2) links to online platforms or sites (memorise)

3) department specific resources (memorise)

4) get started revision tasks (review)

5) links to past papers and mark schemes (apply)

6) Revision Tick Lists (review)

There is a great way to get going with revision. This is illustrated in the diagram and video clips below. You should try to make sure that you are revising effectively. This website supports you with all these key areas. You can use the tick sheets to help you review. You can use the strategies in the video clips below to help you memorise and retrieve. Then, you can access the past paper links to help you apply your knowledge. Each Faculty page will help you with a get started task and direct you to key subject relevant resources.

The following four techniques are proven revision strategies that work to help you memorise and retrieve. The videos guide you through the process of using each technique. Try them out!

50 Word Plans

Flash Cards

Mind Maps

Revision Clock

You may also want to read some top revision tips and create a revision timetable. The link buttons above will help you out with these.

If you need any help with your revision, you can of course speak to your class subject teacher or tutor. If you need any support with revision strategies, revision timetables or just getting started, then you can contact your tutor or your class teacher.

Good luck with your revision!

It is never too early, or too late, to start!