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Meaningful Language Access

Effective communication and partnership with families are essential for ensuring students' educational success. The Office of Language Access Services (OLAS) is committed to improving two-way communication between schools and families and providing access to district programs, services, and activities for parents/guardians who require communication in a language other than English, at no cost to families.

Language Access Tool-Kit for Families

The OLAS toolkit provides information about the resources and services available to the Boston Public School District to support limited and non-English-speaking families. It also aims to raise awareness among families about the available language assistance services and resources, as well as the District's obligation to provide such services. 

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Language Access Services

Please click the links above or view the Language Access Services page for more information. 

Language Access Feedback

To ensure that the quality of the translation and/or interpretation services provided meets the district's and all stakeholders' expectations, BPS is inviting feedback from parents and guardians. The goal is to create an inclusive space where all parents' voices are heard and considered, regardless of language. If you have any compliments, concerns, challenges, or suggestions for improving overall language access services, please fill out the Language Access Feedback form. Your feedback is valuable and will help us improve our services. 

Please click the Multilingual Feedback Form to access it in the 10 major languages of the District. 

Resources & Tips  

Boston Public Schools (BPS) understands and values the crucial role parents and guardians play in ensuring the academic success of their children. That's why the district is dedicated to creating and maintaining open communication channels and building strong partnerships with families to achieve this objective. To that end, we have provided some resources and tips below to help you better understand the available services, your rights to those services, and best practices. You can visit the Resources and Tips page for more information. 

How do families request language assistance services?