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The Educator Supports Program's (ESP) mission is to strengthen student learning and teacher performance with coaching and evaluation that feels fair, transparent, and humane to all stakeholders.


ESP is a partnership between Boston Public Schools (BPS) and Boston Teachers Union (BTU). We work with educators who have been rated less than proficient in the educator evaluation system. Teachers can volunteer to have an experienced peer (called a Consulting Teacher) visit their classroom on a regular basis to serve as their coach and/or primary evaluator.

These resources are intended to help teachers, evaluators and districts improve teaching and learning for a wider audience. You will find information on the evaluation process, coaching, feedback, and some of our favorite teacher tools!

FOR TEACHERS, one of the goals of the Educator Supports Program (ESP) is to improve teaching and learning across the district.

FOR EVALUATORS, there are tools to help make sure that all teachers feel they have an evaluation that feels fair, transparent, and humane.

FOR DISTRICTS, there are documents about the formation and inner-workings of peer assistance and other educator support options around the country.

Peer to Peer Columns

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