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The Educator Supports Program's (ESP) mission is to strengthen student learning and teacher performance with coaching and evaluation that feels fair, transparent, and humane to all stakeholders.


ESP is a partnership between Boston Public Schools (BPS) and Boston Teachers Union (BTU). We work with educators who have been rated less than proficient in the educator evaluation system. Teachers can volunteer to have an experienced peer (called a Consulting Teacher) visit their classroom on a regular basis to serve as their coach and/or primary evaluator.

ESP can be a second set of eyes observing your practice. You may need us if you think your current evaluator is not assessing you fairly. Or you may need us if you need more individualized coaching and support than your evaluator can provide.

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The Educator Supports Program (ESP) grew out of the Boston branch of the Peer Assistance Review (PAR), established in 1981 in Toledo, Ohio by Dal Lawrence, former president of the Toledo Federation of Teachers (TFT). PAR was successfully implemented in districts around the country, including Rochester, NY; St. Paul, MN; and Montgomery County, MD. Boston’s PAR program began in 2014 and is sponsored by BPS and the BTU. See PAR Elsewhere for more information.


In the Educator Supports Program, you will work side-by-side with a Consulting Teacher (CT). The CT will be your coach, cheerleader, teammate, and in some cases (PAR) serve as primary evaluator. There are two tracks; peer assistance (PA) and peer assistance and review (PAR). With PA, your CT will work with you as an non-evaluative coach. If you are eligible for and choose PAR, your principal serves as a secondary evaluator who will meet with you and your CT regularly and may also present evidence to the ESP panel during the deliberation. At the end of your evaluation cycle, the CT recommends a rating to the Panel. The Panel then deliberates and votes on a final rating recommendation. The rating is then submitted to the Superintendent for final approval. See our FAQs for more information.