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Hello and welcome to the Valley View Elementary School Counselor's Corner! I can't think of anything better than being an elementary school counselor.  I enjoy working with students, parents, and staff to provide counseling support through classroom lessons, individual counseling, group work, and parent education.  It is my goal to develop and maintain relationships with all the children enrolled at our school.

  I teach lessons in all of the classrooms twice a month, following the Boise School District counseling curriculum, which addresses both Idaho state Health Education Standards and ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors.  If you have any questions about the counseling curriculum, feel free to contact me.

Additionally, I am available to help students with problem solving and skill building, both individually and in small groups. If your child has a particular need, please reach out to me, but please keep in mind that I am unable to do therapy in a school setting. However, I am happy to provide you with a list of community resources as needed.

I have collected a number of resources that I feel will be helpful to students and families. If there are any questions or concerns, please reach out to me.

Please note that if you would like me to check in with your child, there is a Counselor Request form at the bottom of this page as well as a student version of a request to see counselor on 'For Students' tab.

Paula Perry, Counselor (LPC, NCC)


telephone:  (208) 854-6377

 About me:  Some of the things Ms. Perry loves are her family, hiking (backpack or a stroll in the foothills), soccer (playing or watching), and photography.  She graduated with a BA in History from Rice University (Houston, Texas) and a Masters in Counseling from Boise State University (Boise, Idaho).  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as a Nationally Certified Counselor.  She has taught English language learners in the US and abroad, worked with college-aged students as an undergraduate coordinator, as well as been an educational specialist with the TRiO program. She has been the school counselor at Valley View Elementary since 2016. 


 Here are some quick links to some useful information as we start the new school year


I will follow up with your child as quickly as I am able to. Thank you!  

STUDENTS, find the form for you on the STUDENT page! :)

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