Bogota Schools

Registration Portal

How to register

  • To fill out these forms properly, you MUST have a gmail account (gmail is a free email from google, If you do not want a gmail account you will need to contact the board of education office at 201-441-4800 x1009 or email

  • There are 7 sections to register a new student in Bogota Public Schools. (8 sections if you are registering a preschooler)

  • You must complete all 7 sections for each child you are registering.

  • Click on each section links to complete the registration.

  • Once you start a specific section, you must complete that specific section. If you exit out of the section, your work will not be saved so be sure to complete each section in a sitting.

  • In order to register your child you will need to upload the following documents:

    • 1) Child's Birth Certificate or Passport

    • 2) Government ID for parent/guardian

    • 3) Student Transfer Card from previous school district (students in grades 8-12 must have a transfer card to start school)

    • 4) Deed, Current Tax Bill or Mortgage Statement for homeowners

    • 5) Current Lease for renters

    • 6) Notarized new enrollment affidavit

    • 7) Notarized affidavit of landlord (if applicable)

    • 8) Must provide 2 bills such as gas, cable, electric, credit card, bank statement, water, cell phone, car/home insurance, paystub. Bills must be dated within 30 days and include the parent/guardian's name and Bogota address.

    • 9) Child's Physical exam and immunization record.

  • If you have questions or issues with your online registration, please contact Bella Almanzar in central office: 201-441-4800 x1009 or

  • In sections 4-7, you are required to upload documents. Ensure you take clear photos. There is also short video on how to upload documents using your phone.

    1. Student Information

    2. Basic Medical Information

    3. Federal Data

    4. Special Education

    5. Parent/Guardian Info

    6. Parental Restrictions

    7. Emergency Contact Information

    1. Previous School Information

    1. Home Language Survey

    1. New Enrollment Affidavit

    1. Required Identification

    1. Proof of Residency

    1. Health/Immunization Forms

Section 8 (Only for incoming preschoolers)

  1. Extra preschool required info

For office use only