Spanish 2: policies

  • District Late work policy will be followed to the letter. 1st day late -10 points. 2nd day late -30 points. 3rd day late and beyond - a grade of 0 recorded. There will be no exceptions unless a real health or family emergency is the cause of the late work. Of course IEP's calling for extended time are an exception.
  • Make-up: listed on Google Classroom. Policy Students are given two days for each day absent. Work due the day of the student's absence is due on the date of the student's return. If a student has a project due date that he or she has known about ahead of time, the project is due on the date the student returns or on the specified due date. Grades can be viewed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week on Skyward. There is no reason for grades to ever be a surprise to parents or students. Teacher will post grades promptly and will send email progress reports.
  • Tests- Students have 5 class days to retake the test (from the date the student receives the test grade). After that, original test grade is permanent.
  • There is no extra credit if a student has zeroes from not doing classwork. Extra credit will only be given to students who have attempted and turned in work, but who still have a grade below 70.