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Photo of 3D printer in action

3D Printing

Submit you 3D objects for printing here.

3D Printing Price Sheet

Where do I start? Try Tinkercad. Join with your Google login.

Here's another Tinkercad course from PrintLab.

Photo of a Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker

Cutting with the Cricut requires the use of Design Space. While it does not run on a Chromebook, there are apps for phones and tablets and laptops/desktops that can be used. Learn more about Design Space.

Photo of Sphero Bolts lined up

Sphero Bolt

Get the app for your Chomebook at Sphero EDU.

Photo of an Ozobot in action


The library has several Ozobot Bits. Learn about Color Coding with an Ozobot.

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