Week #9 BioBus Scientist: Rosemary Puckett

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BioBus Student Town Hall: Your Brain and Senses

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Crash Course: Taste & Smell

2-Minute Neuroscience

More experiments you can try at home!

Scent and Memory

Different people have different reactions to the same scent. This has a lot to do with our individual memories and experiences. See if your results are similar or unique from someone else who smells the same sample.

Mystery Scents

Mystery Scents! Try and identify an object based on your sense of smell alone. Get someone in your home to choose some “mystery scents.” Close your eyes and waft the scent - can you identify it? What were the characteristics you recognized to figure it out? Find more examples and let the other person try it.

Check out this map of the brain!

This Week's Challenge Worksheet