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Kitchen Science!

You can explore important concepts of biology, physics, and chemistry while gaining a deeper understanding of the ecology involved in keeping a house responsibly and sustainably fed and watered!

Investigate Insects!

The ubiquitous bug buddies among us shine as you find new ways to focus your observations, assess animal behavior, and appreciate some of the most diverse creatures on the planet!

Urban Explorations!

From your windowsills or on short walks in the urban environment, you can observe & preserve samples from your habitats. Watch the wildlife and find ways to be ethical biologists and stewards of your local ecologies!

Biology of the Body!

Bodies! Everyone’s got one. You will become your own lab, investigating your brains, senses, and cells with techniques from neurobiology, genetics, and molecular biology adapted for anyone to try at home.

Engineering Design!

These challenges use household objects to help you understand the physics and math of everyday life. You will put your building and design skills to the test, creatively exploring important ideas from biomimicry and civil engineering!

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