BBBS Mentoring Portal


We're thrilled to have you as part of our BBBS family, and hope you're inspired by the talk below from Kent Pekel, president and CEO of Minnesota's own Search Institute. He succinctly articulates the effort and intentionality it takes to form a positive and meaningful relationship with youth.

You've Landed on the BBBS relationship map!

This map will guide you through a series of activities designed to energize, deepen, and strengthen your match relationship. You'll see three main themes:

As you know, we ask matches to meet either virtually or in-person 2-4 times per month on this journey. This is the path we recommend for matches over the course of the first three months of your time together, but the BBBS Relationship Map offers benefits and ways to connect for any match in any stage of their journey.

We recognize that every match is unique and follows their own path, so use this map at your own pace and in the way that works best for you and your Little.

"The science is clear that nothing is more important to our kids' development than the relationships they have with us as adults." -Kent Pekel

For more information about Kent Pekel and the work of our partner organization, the Search Institute, check out their website below.