Student Services

The Student Services Department works with students, parents, and staff to address the academic, college and career, and social/emotional needs of our students. Below is a list of Student Services staff members and their general responsibilities:

Assistant Principal for Student Services

Steve Granat (Ext. 8206);

  • Supervises the Student Services Department

Registrar: Patti Cusack (Ext. 8251);

Student Services Secretary: Tracy Griffin (Ext. 8207);

Office Fax: 708-532-4332


Wendy Podbielniak (Ext. 8212);

Brian Gibbons (Ext. 8213);

  • Monitor student attendance

  • Address disciplinary situations

  • Promote an orderly, safe, and secure learning environment

Attendance Secretary: Cathy Hendrickson (Ext. 8209);

Discipline Secretary: Sewillar (Candy) Williams (Ext. 8208);


Kelly D'Ercole (A-Fe) (Ext. 8214);

Cheri Walsh (Fi-Le) (Ext. 8217);

Anitrese Wilks (Li-Ro) (Ext. 8216);

Dori Neven (Ru-Z) (Ext. 8215);

Shannon Gormley (Ext. 8226);

  • Provide guidance on academics, college & career, social/emotional and personal issues

  • Create and maintain student schedules

  • Communicate with parents on student progress

Student Services Project Manager

  • Coordinates special projects for the Student Services Department

  • Manages the data collection for Student Services programs

  • Arranges for career speakers/college visits

Social Workers

Jennifer Gleason (Ext. 8210);

Keith Huhn (Ext. 8236);

  • Provide individual and group counseling to identified students

  • Consult with parents on available community resources

  • Supports students, parents and staff with behavior management techniques


Colleen Konecki (Ext. 8211);

  • Responds to student illnesses and injuries

  • Administers student in-school medications

  • Reviews student immunization records

Special Education Coordinator

Tyler Teaney (Ext. 8245);

  • Supervises the Special Education Department

  • Facilitates all testing associated with special education eligibility

Special Education Secretary: Janet McGrath (Ext. 8234);

Service Facilitator

Heather Kijewski (Ext. 5491);

  • Maintains student accommodation information

  • Holds transition conferences with senior students

  • Facilitates all standardized testing


Kelly Eastman (Ext. 8233);

  • Coordinates programming for special education students

  • Screens and assesses possible candidates for special education

  • Obtains and maintains special education records

Speech Language Pathologist

Jessica Bogacz (Ext. 8225);

  • Provides students with speech and language support

  • Provides teachers with speech and language strategies