Monument Mountain Regional High School


"The Monument Mountain Regional High School community creates opportunities that foster intellectual and personal growth and challenge all to become courageous learners, engaged citizens, and individuals of integrity."

We, the faculty and administration of Monument Mountain Regional High School, seek to provide an educational experience that promotes intellectual growth, fosters a love of learning, and prepares students for the challenges, responsibilities and opportunities that they will face. Through cooperation with the home and the community, the school encourages students to know and understand themselves, their associates, their communities and the world. We nurture both individuality and respect for human dignity within a safe yet open environment.

The school offers diverse programs to cultivate our students' physical and mental awareness, to develop critical and creative thinking, and to encourage active involvement in society. Students have a voice in formulating school policies, in developing curricular and co-curricular activities and in designing independent learning experiences. Based upon the principles stated above, we believe that an important component of the educational process is to offer students the knowledge and experiences to empower them to shape their own values and conclusions.