Bethel Public Schools Health Services Department

The nurse's role in the school setting is multi-faceted.  We work very closely with the students, parents and staff to ensure the health and safety of all the students.  

The nurse is responsible for maintaining the health records, including required immunizations (see document below) and the state-mandated physicals. These physicals are required for new entrants, including Circle of Friends, Kindergarten and again in 6th and 9th grades.  Annual physicals are also required to participate in sports; athletic physicals are valid for 13 months from date of physical exam. 

Health Assessment Record - Ages 5 - Grade 12

The nurse also attends to the illness/injuries of the students on a daily basis.  Please contact your child's school nurse if your child has a specific medical diagnosis, especially if he/she requires special accommodations and/or medication.     

Please make sure that all emergency contacts are updated in PowerSchool; be sure to include an individual who is within a 30 minute radius of your child's school should your child need to be picked up. 

Physical Requirements 

The Connecticut General Statutes (Section 10-204a and Section 10-206) require local Boards of Education to ensure that each child attending school has an up-to-date health assessment (physical) on file and be adequately immunized.  All students entering Kindergarten, Grade 7 and Grade 10 must show proof of this mandated health assessment/immunizations in order to start school on the first day, August 28, 2024

Documentation of this mandated health assessment/immunizations, dated on or after 7/1/23, must be on file in your child’s school health office before Wednesday, August 28, 2024. If you have not yet submitted these forms, please send them, via email or fax to your child’s school nurse.

Bethel High School:

Nurse Lisa Davenport

BHS Fax #: 203-830-7350

Nurse Jill Kurtz

Bethel Middle School:

Nurse Chris Cruz


Nurse Lydia Petitti

BMS Fax #: 203-794-8083

For currently enrolled Circle of Friends Students:

Parents/Guardians have already received communication if your student is currently non-compliant.  Please refer to the letter/email you received for guidance to complete your medical clearance to begin Kindergarten. 

For all other Incoming Kindergarten Students:

In order for your child to start Kindergarten on the first day of school, Wednesday, August 28, 2024, documentation of a health assessment/immunizations dated on or after 7/1/23 must be received by Laurel McCollam, BPS District Registrar, and approved by a BPS nurse. 

For students who have not yet registered for Kindergarten please follow the district’s registration process found on the Bethel Public Schools website – Families of students who have already registered for Kindergarten (starting August 28, 2024) have been notified if their health forms are not in compliance. Please send updated health forms, via email, to:

Laurel McCollam, BPS District Registrar

Phone: 203-830-7355

Fax: 203-794-8723

Immunization Requirements 

2023-24 School Requirements insert (1).pdf