Looking to disconnect for a little while?

We know you're spending a lot of time staring at a screen (like right now, for instance). Maybe it's time to give your eyes a break! But what to do?
Below you'll find some suggestions for (mostly) at-home activities that don't require your laptop, iPad, TV, or phone. Simply click on the text below the icon for each activity to explore curated resources relating to each screen-free suggestion.

Passive entertainment that's perfect for cooking, cleaning, or simply lounging.

Looking for an outlet? Zines allow you to express yourself with words and art.

In this historic time, you can help create a record of the experience.

Are you hungry? For competition? (And also a delicious home-cooked meal?)

You're spending a lot of time inside... here's advice for making your space an oasis!

There's so much that needs our care right now. Get involved in your community!

Give your eyes a break! You can listen to audiobooks on Sora, our eBook platform.

What makes you feel grounded and peaceful? Here are some resources for relaxation.

Offer up a suggestion, or let us know what you've been up to! We can help you find the resources.

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Looking for eBooks to get you started?

This slideshow features eBooks available through Berkeley Carroll's digital Library on Sora. Learn how to make a cake, stitch up a ripped pair of jeans, and more!

About: This page was created during the COVID-19 global health crisis during the 2019-2020 school year by a Berkeley Carroll Middle School Librarian for the purpose of providing students with entertainment, education, and action opportunities they can do offline.