Course Progression

Most students at BHS will take the course progression of Math 1, Math 2, Math 3 for their 9th - 11th grade years and then will have a choice of AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, SL IB Math, or Math Studies. The Math 1 - 3 sequence is a slightly modified version of the Honors MVP curriculum. This sequence covers topics in algebra, geometry, statistics, and analysis (pre-calculus). Students who successfully complete the three-year sequence will have the logical reasoning and mathematical skills for everyday life and many careers. In addition, they will be ready to take college level mathematics.

The Advanced Sequence is an accelerated version of Math 1 - 3 that includes additional topics. The courses assume mastery of algebra and geometry topics through Common Core Math 8. Each course in this sequence requires a considerable amount of time and dedication (the same amount required for an AP or IB course). This sequence prepares students for a course that combines the curriculum of HL IB Math and AP Calculus BC. Students must take a placement test in the spring of 8th grade to begin Advanced Math 1. There is an additional opportunity to enter the Advanced Sequence after successful completion of Math 1. During the spring of 9th grade, students can begin a process to transition to Advanced Math 2 in 10th grade.

Students in all math classes will engage with the Standards for Mathematical Practice (see below) and more information about them can be found here.

For more detailed charts, see the first page of each Learning Community’s section of the BHS Course Catalog.