Coach for us

Berkeley High Athletics is a proud member of the Positive Coaching Alliance. We believe that coaches are some of the most powerful educators in our kids' lives. They have an incredible opportunity to enrich a young person's life. If you want to be part of changing the lives of young people by becoming one of our coaches, do not hesitate to email Go JACKETS!

Volunteer Positions

We are ALWAYS looking for good volunteers in nearly all of sports.

Email if you are interested.

Paid Positions

Thanks to the relentless advocacy of the Berkeley Athletic Fund and the generous contributions of parents, BUSD, and the Berkeley Schools Excellence Project (BSEP), we are excited to offer very competitive stipends. Email a letter of intent, resume, and letters of rec to if interested in the following positions.

Current needs:

BHS Athletics Coaching Requirements

Once hired, in order to coach you must complete the following:

The primary requirements for coaching high school sports in California are:

1. A General Coaching Education Course ($52)

2. A Concussion Course (FREE) - every 2 years

3. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Training (FREE)- every 2 years

4. Heat Acclimatization Course (FREE)- every 2 years

5. First Aid and CPR Certification ($vary considerably)- every 2 years

6. Positive Coaching Alliance "Double-Goal Coach®: Developing the Triple-Impact Competitor"

7. Cheer coaches ONLY ($75)