Yevgeniy Melguy

/jɛv'gɛni 'mɛlgaɪ/

Hi! I'm a fifth-year PhD student in the linguistics program at UC Berkeley.

My interests include lab phonology, experimental phonetics, psycholinguistics, and bilingualism. Some specific questions that my research focuses on include:

  • How is knowledge of multiple languages represented in the mind?

  • How does this affect bilingual perception and production of sounds in their own languages as well as in unfamiliar ones?

  • How do listeners perceptually adapt to various kinds of speech variability such as unfamiliar dialects or non-native accents?

  • How do listeners' expectations about a speaker affect their perception, and how may this interact with the success and transfer of perceptual learning?

My adviser is Keith Johnson, and my undergrad adviser (at Reed College) was Sameer ud Dowla Khan.