Yevgeniy Melguy

/jɛv'gɛni 'mɛlgaɪ/

Hi. I'm a third-year PhD student in the linguistics program at UC Berkeley.

My interests include lab phonology, experimental phonetics, the phonetics-phonology interface, psycholinguistics, and bilingualism. I am especially interested in how the way that language users perceive and produce speech sounds shapes the patterning of sounds within and across languages, as well as how the particular sound inventory and phonology of a language structure the way that speakers of that language hear and produce speech. Some more specific questions that are the focus of my research concern how speakers of two (or more) languages differ from monolinguals, how knowledge of multiple languages is represented in speakers' phonological grammar(s), and how this affects bilingual perception and production of sounds in their own languages as well as in unfamiliar ones.

Keith Johnson is my adviser. I did my undergrad at Reed College, where I was an advisee of Sameer ud Dowla Khan.