Functions Research Group

Tuesdays, 1PM-3PM in 4500 Berkeley Way

This group serves as research forum for students and others interested in varied aspects of mathematical cognition. Its agenda is to serve the research needs of its members. Thus, on demand, we may have sessions of the following types:

  • Someone may want feedback on a draft of a course paper, a research plan, a dissertation proposal, a dissertation chapter, or a paper to be submitted for publication. (That includes me; I’ll have chapters of the book I’m working on.) The work is distributed to the group and we go over it together.
  • Someone may be working on data that's hard to make sense of, an analysis that he or she wants to try on us, or drafts of materials or assessments for proposed research. In that case, we have a working session.
  • We may decide to read and discuss a particular paper or papers the group is interested in, or to discuss current events.

People give practice talks of all kinds: rehearsals for AERA, PME, NCTM, job talks, etc.

In short, we do whatever we can to help each other make sense of issues related to mathematical thinking, teaching, and learning.