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Here at Summerwind Trails, we are a team that looks to help the students and staff so that they can feel excited and welcome to be at school. We host different events, activities, field trips, assemblies, etc. We take time to care about every student here and we hope this school year will be the best school year they will ever have. Every member here in ASB tries their hardest and their best to do all of these things. We will work very hard hoping that students will love being at Summerwind Trails. If you need to contact us, you can do so at ttaylor@beaumontusd.k12.ca.us.  You can also check our Instagram and TikTok.

Sincerely, ASB

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Summerwind Store

In our school store, we have hoodies, shirts, pants, P.E clothes, beanies, hats, and the yearbook. Scan the code from your phone or click the button below to purchase now!

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