3rd Grade

3A - Mr. Ide (Math & Science)

3B - Mrs. Kasper (ELA)


YMCA Swim lessons

Stay tuned for a quick info slip coming home about the YMCA swim lessons. Reminder, here are the times and dates we will be swimming, and parents can come to the observation deck to watch their child swim:

  • 1:30pm-2:15pm are swim times (we load up at school around 12:45 and arrive back around 3 pm
  • Tues. 11/27, Thurs. 11/29, Tues. 12/4, Tues. 12/11, Thurs. 12/13, and Tues. 12/18

sending in notes

When you send in a note try and include the last name of the student, since the notes go to the office for inclusion on early dismissal and car rider lists. While we do see them and initial them so the office knows we have the info, once we send it in is is very helpful to know the last names so office staff doesn't have to guess which child it is, especially if students with the same name share a homeroom. This will also help ensure that they are where they need to be when you need them as well. Thanks for your help!! UPDATE --- WELL DONE :)

IMPORTANT: if students are to be dismissed early or go home in an alternative way, we need a HANDWRITTEN NOTE to come in that day or for the upcoming event. We can NO LONGER accept just emails, as we have in the past, because we need a hard copy for the office, liability issues and communication staff wide. We certainly appreciate emails updating us on things coming up, but emails will no longer be enough notice to accept the early dismissal or different route home. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING.

PTO slips for logging parent volunteer hours

  • available on the PTO's site or through the link below


School-Wide Announcements

Scholastic Book Club

Click on the link below to check out the online ordering for Mr. Ide's classroom; if you wanted to do the same for Mrs. Kasper's homeroom just change the online code for classroom submissions.

ORDERS DUE: Wednesday 11/14

Mr. Ide's online Scholastic code: MV6G3

Mrs. Kasper's online Scholastic code: GJNVD

Teacher Contact Info

Mr. Ide: matthew.ide@bearcreekschool.com

Mrs. Kasper: mary.kasper@bearcreekschool.com