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Our Director has received an awesome opportunity, but sadly that means that he will be leaving us at the end of the month. While we are excited for him and these next steps, we are sad to see him go.

Mr. Cook,

We appreciate how you have poured your heart and soul into the band program. Our students have excelled, our band has grown and our community has been forever impacted by your leadership. Thank you for your years of dedication to excellence.

While no one can replace you, we will do our best to continue the legacy of music that you built here at North brunswick High School.

Sincerely, The Booster Parents and Students

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farewell from

mr. cook

Upon hearing the news of Mr. Cook's leaving, our Band Booster Board members were glad to meet with Dr. Sullivan, Principal of North Brunswick High School, to discuss our next steps in the band program. We are pleased to share with you his letter to the parents following that meeting:


Dear Scorpion Band Parents,

As I am sure most of you are aware, Mr. Cook is leaving North Brunswick at the end of this month. We are all very sorry to see him go, but we are excited for him and this new opportunity that has been presented to him. During his eight years as band director at North Brunswick, Mr. Cook has established a strong program that is highly respected in the community and has represented our school proudly in competitions and parades. As principal of North Brunswick, it is my desire to hire someone who will continue to follow the path that Mr. Cook has laid and build upon the successes that he and his students have had. Finding and hiring a good band director is never easy, especially at this time of the year. However, I am glad to say that we have received several applications, and we have already begun the interview process with the goal of having a new band director in place prior to Mr. Cook's departure.

I have informed the applicants that any time someone is hired this late in the year, it is automatically an interim position until the end of the school year. And, as an interim position, we would have to re-advertise and re-interview. This offers an advantage to both the person hired and the school. For the person hired this is essentially a three month "audition" to be the permanent band director at North Brunswick. If this person comes in and does an outstanding job, that gives him or her a leg up on other applicants who will apply. For the school, this allows us to see the person in action and provides us with opportunities to make sure he or she is the right fit for our program. Also, we will see an increase in applicants who are interested in this position as we come closer to the end of the school year.

I shared with the Band Booster Board members the other evening that one of the most important duties that I have as a principal is hiring teachers. I am committed to hiring the best person possible to be the next band director at North Brunswick -- someone who is passionate about music and teaching; someone who develops positive relationships with students; someone who communicates well with parents; and, someone who wants to be at North Brunswick High School and wants to be here for a long time.

Kind regards,


Steven N. Sullivan, Ed.D.


North Brunswick High School

Class of 1981


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