Band Camp

Band Camp 2020

Virtual Band Camp 2020.pdf

What Do I Need?

Marching Practice Attire:

Shorts half thigh length or longer/ sweat pants/t- shirts/ long sleeve t-shirts/ hoodies

No tank tops/ spaghetti straps/ halter tops/ tight revealing clothing

Spandex only with shorts half thigh length or longer

Athletic tennis shoes with supportive sole

No cleavage of any kind visible

Sports undergarments


Wear all white T’s with no writing.

Non-Marching Rehearsals

Normal dress attire in accordance with the school dress code

Ladies be mindful of your dress and the posture needed to play your instrument


Please shower every day. Use athletic foot spray for shoes. Bring extra toiletries, if needed. Please speak to a booster or the band director if you need additional items

Rehearsal Supply list:

hat, sunglasses, hat, bug repellant, hat, sunscreen, hat, water canteen/camel pack, hat, binder, hat, sheet protectors hat, pencil, hat …………………Make sure you also bring a hat.