Virtual Field Trip Resources

πŸ’ΌTake your students on a virtual field trip! Virtual field tripping means you save time and money. Consider offering choice. You can do this by creating a simple travel destination choice board like I have below. Virtual field trips can tap into students' interests and extend the learning in your classroom. Students can gain new perspectives about culture, content, and communities by traveling from the comfort of their home.πŸ’‘ Don't forget to add a "creation" piece to the trip. Ask student to share their new learning with others. Whether you ask students to record a "travel journal" on Flipgrid, create a simple Google Form to gather their ideas about the trip or use a Google Form to create a digital scavenger hunt, asking students to share with others cultivates learning for all. ✈ Make a copy of the Virtual Field Trip Choice Board Below.

Below, Caitlin Tucker shares on her site how to combine virtual field trips and Google Forms to create a scavenger hunt.