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Welcome to BCSC's eLearning day website! An eLearning day is a virtual, online day of learning. BCSC can utilize eLearning days for specific schools or district-wide for inclement weather, student health, and/or safety concerns. On an eLearning day, regular, in-person classes do not take place but instead classes are held virtually using laptop/electronic devices and our online learning management system (itslearning). For more information on eLearning days, view the information below.

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Develop an understanding of eLearning day expectations, requirements, and procedures.

Learn how to login to itslearning, locate lessons, and stay in touch with teachers.

Explore resources to help support your learner on an eLearning day.

Gain an understanding of local, free WiFi locations and low-cost WiFi options for your home.

Need help or not sure who to contact on an eLearning day? We can help! Check out our Support tab or call the eLearning Hotline:


Check the FAQ page for answers to frequently asked requestions regarding eLearning days, especially eLearning days due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

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